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BFTL18 Wave masterclass with Etienne Lhote

Pure Magic is very proud and happy to give you the unique opportunity to spend some time with this legend of wave riding Etienne Lhote. Etienne, Fone/Manera rider is a regular visitor in Ireland! Especially in September as it is the perfect month for the waves and Achill offers the best conditions for it :-)

He will join us at the Battle for the lake 2018 and will share his experience with few lucky local Kitesurfers. 
During the clinic he will go through the techniques of strapless, transitions, jibes etc..  Any questions you may have or even advanced tricks you wanna learn he'll reveal all his secrets!
This masterclass will change your way of riding... and probably your way of life.
Highly recommended

Meeting at Pure Magic lodge: 28/09/2018 at 12pm!



  1. Achill Island