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BFTL18 Master class with Ruben Len10 and Kevin Langeree

Pure Magic is very proud and happy to give you the unique opportunity to spend some time with these Legends Of Kitesurfing. Ruben and Kevin ambassadors of the Battle for the lake 2018 will share their experience with few lucky local Kitesurfers. 
At the menu, they will go through the technic of Riding and Freestyling, from the basic of booosting huge airs to the most advanced tricks. Technic is one, mental is another part and this is why we are so happy to have them sharing their incredible vision and mindset to reach their goals, the preparation, the training up to the execution.
This masterclass will change your way of riding... and probably your way of life.
Highly recommended

Meeting at Pure Magic lodge: 28/09/2018 at 12pm!


  1. Achill Island